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Colonia del Sacramento  travel guide, find useful information about Colonia, Uruguay. The best travel guide for Colonia del Sacramento. Tourist guide and tourist information for Colonia.

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There are many activities for everyone in Colonia and there are many places to see while visiting. The old part of the town is Barrio Historico and you can stroll around its cobblestone streets admiring the buildings of the beautiful town.

There are of course many museums and monuments to visit in Colonia but there are also some really beautiful beaches just a few kilometers outside the town. Colonia has numerous shops from where you can buy anything you want from clothes to art. The old town is full of galleries and boutiques.  

Restaurants, cafeterias and bars are all over the island and visitors can enjoy themselves and taste some of the local cuisine. 

Colonia del Sacramento has numerous hotels where visitors can enjoy their holidays and have a wonderful accommodation. There are many luxurious resorts in town with wonderful modern amenities and a number of services providing the guest with the utmost perfection. There are also many cheaper hotels in Colonia that offer all the necessary amenities for excellent accommodation in reasonable prices.
You can find many hotels all over the town and you can be sure that you will be treated with respect and have a relaxing accommodation.

Plan a journey to Colonia del Sacramento and you will appreciate the tranquility of this picturesque small town, its beautiful culture, its friendly and hospitable residents and all the delightful places to visit. 






Colonia del Sacramento is in Uruguay and it is a beautiful and picturesque town.
It is a place filled with history and many remnants from bygone times. Colonia del Sacramento has a port and it is one of the most favourite tourist destinations.
Visitors love the architectural style of the houses and the buildings with the many colours as well as the small narrow paved streets.

The town of Colonia is a romantic and picturesque town and the river Rio de la Plata that crosses it, makes the town look even more beautiful. The restoration of old buildings and the construction of new ones in the town create a unique blend of styles.